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So, My Results With Finasteride After 6 Months ;) (pics)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by N003, Aug 23, 2017.

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    Unfortunately i got banned because this forums administrators don't really like when your having different opinions from them or other fanatic and obsessed members of this forum, but it's ok, i saw it on every forum and corner of the internet, it's a kind of a self controlled communism masked under the emblem of free speech and democracy.

    But anyways, the point is that i bookmarked your posts since i first saw you on this site and with this answer, that you gave right after i was banned, like you were waiting to do it just because you knew i could not respond anymore, i understood that you clearly have a mental illness if you think that somebody that has followed your posts would ever get fooled by the nonsense you are spreading here.

    As i said, since you started the treatment with finasteride, you made 3 or 4 different statements, completely contradicting yourself and your statements with every word you wrote. First you said you don't have any sides, 4 or 5 pages after at an interval of a couple of days you said that you don't feel attracted to women anymore and that you barely produce any sperm and that you can't get it up. After you say after a couple of months here that you did not experience any sides and after you say again that you actually do have a side effect but it's only much less sperm, a decrease of 80% lol.

    Besides the fact that i would be deeply concerned about my fertility as a man, but i would be more concerned about the mental illness or state that is making me lie and make contradicting statements over and over again, thinking that nobody would go and search my post history to really find out that i'm contradicting myself with every statement i make. Luckily for me, that when i saw you, i made print screens and kept your comments, in case you decide to delete them, like the majority of liars and unstable idiots that contradict themselves over and over on the internet. I will post them when i get home, cos i'm not in the mood to browse your post history again to find your comments and that's if you did not delete them anyways until now.

    That's why nobody believes nobody on these shitty platforms, because most of you are just pathological liars, some of you get really bad sides and when you see that it's at least keeping your hair decide to accept them and lie about it, some of you accept them without lying at least and telling others, but the worst are the ones like you, that get them, talk about them and after act like you never had them because you maybe decided that it's worth living with them, or that maybe you think it's worth the trade and the risks... Or who knows what many other reasons you could have for doing the shits your doing.
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