SMP 7 years on - HIS Hair & Vinci still operating?


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Hi everyone,
Jumping on here after a long hiatus.
Back in 2016, after a lot of research and forum chatter, I got very successful SMP from Vinci Hair Clinic.
It's been 7 years and I'm considering getting a touch up as it's faded substantially.

Back in 2016 I felt it was extremely easy to gauge who the big players were on the market. HIS hair and Vinci seemed to be the obvious choices and with Vinci located here in Ireland I chose them and was very happy I did.

Long story short, this year I went looking into these clinics again and it seems, from a bit of forum gossip and a few horror stories, that HIS Hair changed owners and went to shite. I've seen a few photo's of people who had work done at HIS Hair clinics and....lads, what the #$@# like.
I emailed Vinci anyway about a top up appointment in Ireland(where I originally got the treatment) and they don't operate in Ireland anymore. Both clinics no longer offer SMP. They asked me to fly out to Glasgow.
When I originally got the idea to get a top up on the procedure, I was quite excited.... after peering back into the world of SMP I'm now very nervous. Has something changed?
Vinci had fantastic advertising back in 2016. Loads of success stories online and on YouTube. There seems to be very little online presence, activity or reviews from them now.
Anyone know the current state of the company? Has it changed hands? Is it still offering quality service from the UK?
After seeing some awful SMP stories from a company that I nearly did my original SMP with, I'm absolutely spooked lads

Do any of youz have any recommendations for a reputable company that I'm unaware of in Ireland or the UK?

Any feedback, info, recommendations would be massively appreciated.