Smile Clinic - Mehmet Erdogan - Experience And Reviews?

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Can someone explain to me why Smile Clinic, which, when Googled, comes up with a litany of 5* reviews, as well as having been featured on a BBC show, in which a young man from the UK underwent an FUE operation, has no coverage whatsoever on this forum, or BaldTruth?
Most other clinics seem to have extensive reviews, or at least some coverage, so I'd have thought this seemingly prominent clinic would have a couple of mentions here. Can anyone shed some light on this, please?
Quno Medical have suggested them, quoting just over 2,000 euros for a procedure observed and started by Mehmet Erdogan, the chief surgeon. Obviously, this is a low price.

While we're here, has anyone had any experience of Quno? Are they worthwhile? From what I've seen, they just seem to push Smile on everyone. Perhaps that's just because Smile are amazing, who knows.

All thoughts, experiences and opinions welcome - even the laughably transparent sales pitches masked as advice too.

Thanks in advance