Should I Go For A Second Fue? Or Not?


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Hello guys,

I have been struggling with hairloss since i was 21. When i turned 23, it was really bad. My temples were gone and it was very hard to hide it.

So i went to a private clinic in the Netherlands and they told me a 1500 FUE transplant would be good. But first i had to take finasteride. I was scared of finasteride, but i decided to take it. I'm taking it everyday since april 2019. And i had made an appointement for the transplant on 6 september 2019.

It has been almost 6 months since the transplant (5,5 months). It has been 10 months since i started taking finasteride. I actually started using dualgen 15 plus (topical minoxidil and topical finasteride) 2 months after taking oral finasteride. So i would say it has been 8 months since a started using this.

Overall i'm happy with the results. I think i'm maintaining my hair. There are periods where i lose a lot of hairs and there are periods where i lose a little.

Regarding the transplant, i wish my temples were denser. I know i'm still on month 6, but i don't really see it getting better.

Before pictures:

After pictures:

This is yesterday when my hair is wet:

This is when my hair is dry and styled with clay:
*You can see that my left temple is thin and when my hair is short i have trouble hiding it.

This is after i got a haircut and made my hair shorter:

This is after a haircut when my hair was longer:

So what do you guys think? I'm currently considering a second transplant to make my temples denser.


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You're young and frankly your hair looks good. Keep up with the topical finasteride and monitor your hair over 2-3 years and if so top up.


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Looks good, go enjoy life and stop stressing over it.

Keep in mind that we are always our harshest critic. You will notice flaws in yourself that are totally undetectable by others.