Scab With Possible Hair Follicle After Five Hair Transplant.


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hi all

I had a hair transplant 11 weeks ago on Thursday, and everything so far has gone good and no issues really. But today when I was applying my minoxidil (I use it on a diffuse thinning section I have) I noticed some kind of dry skin/kind of scab but not really. Well I rubbed it and it came off but when it came off so did 3 hairs that looked pretty dam deep. Now I’m worried that it is a hair follicle, which my level headed mind is saying that it’s not possible at 11 weeks but then the other part of me is saying what if it was. Anybody got any idea??

Apologies if the images aren’t the best. My phone struggled to focus when closer

Thanks in advance, this forum does help Me a lot


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