Rogaine users who switched to Dr. Lees 5% minoxidil


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hello to all, have a few question!

I have been using 5% rogaine for the past 8 months. i have experienced some nice regrowth then i decided to switch to Dr. Lees 5% minoxidil. While i cant complain how fast Dr. Lees minoxidil dries, for some reason i think that the quality of my hair has become worse since starting Dr. Lees minoxidil.

the hair looks less "full" and does not appear to be as healthy as oppossed to using rogaine, which made the actual hair appear healthy.

Any feed back would be great!! Maybe it is just me and i am going crazy but i would like to hear from users who have had used rogaine then switched to Dr. Lees!!!

as always fellas, this website is definitely a big help in our fight against this $hitty battle what i like to call "the battle of the bald"



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Hi stevied

Sorry to ask u that q. I was looking for someone who used rogaine 5% without other medication , so can u plz tell me about rogaine and how much regrowth did u get from it ( for example 50 or 60 % from existing hair in ur scalp ).

In how much period did u get nice result and did u take it once or twice a day ( can it work once a day )

Thank u


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I made the switch and I am doing just fine. Your hair probably looked more full before because of the extra PPG found in regular Minoxidil.

I would never witch back to the off the shelf stuff.