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I'm very interested in trying revivogen as a substitute for finasteride.

I'v been reading some posts, mainly on other forms, that it stains the pillow and even the scalp? Is there any truth to that, and also, does it have a strong color or odor?


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I'd like to know if applying it every second day would do any good at all, or if it's a waste this way.

I use folligen with emu every other day or so, and also have a girlfriend that I share a bed with a few days a week, and I don't really want her to see my hair absolutely drenched in weird treatments that seem to smell bad as well. So my plan would be to use it alternating with the folligen, somewhere between 1-1,5ml maybe?

Also, before or after minoxidil, and how long should I wait before applying the other?


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Revivogen has zinc with B6 which is Zix, so I wonder if it’s any better than Zix because it looks perfect on paper.