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Repair Operation With Excision Of Some Grafts

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants Information - General Discussions' started by John2017, Dec 20, 2017.

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    I am 31 years old and had a bad operation almost year ago (I have my story told in FUE discussion section).

    I had planned a repair surgery with Dr Keser very soon. The problem is he does not perform exicision of prevously placed grafts while I have few of them (20-40 total). He suggested planting new grafts around to hide thick, multiple-hair and bad direction grafts. I was sure that I would not like to excise them but now I am hasitating. I studied this topic and discovered that if I would like to extract them after the new grafts are planted around to camouflage in the end it would be even more difficult due to new grafts. Material wastage and scarring would be bigger so now is the best time to perform this procedure.
    He stressed it out that the probabilty that he would do excision is VERY, very low. I had already bought tickets to Ankara but I am deepy confused now... May be I should try to go and discuss it with him, Anyway I can always turn back. I am actually ready to pay any rational amount of money to do it with him. As I studied he is a very good professional. On the other hand Dr Erdogan is ready to carry it out with excision.

    Whom else could you advice in a premium segment for repair work? After the first failure I am ready to pay any money to solve the problem. I would like a reliable resault.

    Would also know if it is a right thing to do? As I have read FUE exicision of prevously placed grafts leaves scarring but not noticable at all if done properly (there are some thick grafts and some very think, I think part of them could be excisioned with a very small punch, like 0.5 but it is a delicate work). I am sure that without excision I can not achieve the resault I need...

    Have anyone done this before?

    Please share your opinion. Can provide photos if needed. There are some alredy in FUE section thread.

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