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Question From A Scared Newbie About Shedding And My Routine

Discussion in 'Men's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by testaccnt99, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Hey there! I’m new to hair loss, and I’ve been on finasteride for 4 weeks, and Rogaine for 2 weeks! I’ve also been using 1% Nizoral shampoo M/W/F for 2 weeks, with Pura D’or shampoo on the off-days, and Pura D’or conditioner on all days! Here’s my problem. I’ve been shedding more than normal since about a week after starting the Finasteride, and then a little more intensely with the Rogaine. I wasn’t worried about it until I noticed (and had confirmed by my girlfriend) that in just this past week my hairline/widow’s peak has become, to a very close observer, thinner and more receded. Even since just a week ago. This is a much faster rate than I was visibly losing hair before any treatments at all. Is it normal for temporary shedding from Finasteride, Rogaine, and Shampoos to have this effect? People often mention the shedding, but they don’t say if the shedding can cause visibly thinner hair in the short-term. I also think my face is getting a little puffy, perhaps from the Minoxidil. I have lost a little weight in the past 2 weeks, but my girlfriend thinks my face looks a little chubbier. No sexual side effects from the Fina!

    So aside from asking if anybody else shedded to the degree of a visibly more receded and thinner hairline, I also was hoping that somebody could please, please look over my routine and let me know if I’m doing anything wrong, or if any red flags are popping out? The minoxidil part makes me nervous because it seems difficult to do. I’m not visibly balding on top of my head or at my crown yet, so I’m not sure if I’m applying it correctly. And could minoxidil used improperly with my receding hairline cause more intense, non-temporary shedding?

    Thanks so much for giving it a look! I’m trying really hard to stay calm and not be obsessive about this whole hair loss process. :)

    1. Shower + Shampoo/Conditioner. I only shower once a day, in the morning. I do not wash or wet my hair in the evening. I shampoo/condition every day. I use 1% Nizeral Shampoo with Pura D’or conditioner on M/W/F and Pure D’or shampoo + conditioner on T/Th/Sat/Sun. First I rinse my hair for about a minute. Then I put the shampoo in, massaging my scalp, for about 30 seconds. I let the shampoo (whichever kind I’m using) sit in my hair for about 1.5-2 minutes. Then I wash it out. Then I add the conditioner, once again massaging the scalp for about 30 seconds. I again let it sit in my hair for about 1.5-2 minutes. Then I wash it out.

    2. 5% Minoxidil liquid (morning). I dry my hair with a towel as best as I can, usually I can get it so my hair/scalp is just a tiny bit damp. I suck up 1ml of the Minoxidil in the syringe and I apply it to my hairline / widow’s peak, the only part of my hair that is currently visibly thinning. I rub it in with my fingers. Then I apply the minoxidil to the areas about an inch above my hairline — I push through the hair to get it there. I then rub it in. This part makes me a little unsure because my hair is long and thick above the hairline, so I don’t know if I’m rubbing it into the scalp or rubbing it onto the hair. I then have about 30% of the syringe left, so I go for the areas on top of my head and at the crown that are not yet visibly thinning. Like previously said, I have to push the syringe through the head and when I rub it in I’m not really sure if I’m spreading it around on the scalp or spreading it around on my hair. It’s also hard to remember the exact spots I am using it on the top of my head/crown every week, since it’s all covered by hair. After applying this, I wash my hands and sit up straight for ~30 minutes, using a paper towel to catch up any bits that may drip down my face.

    3. Finasteride 1mg. I take the pill in the morning with breakfast, medications, and vitamins.

    4. 5% Minoxidil liquid (evening). I repeat the morning experience, but without the shower.

    I am also looking at including a laser helmet and derma roller into the routine, though I know they are less proven. But for now I want to get a handle on the big 3 and make sure they are helping me rather than hindering me. Thanks so much for taking a look :)

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