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Prostaglandins In Androgenetic Alopecia In 12 Men And Four Female

Discussion in 'Hair Loss and Alopecia Published Studies' started by HairlossCurse, Apr 15, 2019.

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    I believe the file I attached is this study, sorry if it is not. Let's discuss it. I wrote this about it in another thread: "The earlier studies on PGD2 in male pattern baldness such as this one as well as the one you posted
    suggest that inhibiting PTGDS (aka PGD2 synthase) could work to prevent and treat male pattern baldness. I know that tretinoin inhibits PTGDS and has been shown clinically to increase hair growth when used with Minoxidil. Hopefully someone with intelligence can tell us if inhibiting PTGDS is truly realistic to treat male pattern baldness and what can be done to inhibit PTGDS." Also, I want to mention that this study showed higher levels of PGE2 synthase in people with Androgenetic Alopecia so that should be discussed as well because PGE2 is often used by people in an attempt to stimulate hair growth.

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