Platelet reduced fibrin (PRF) vs PRP


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Have any of you tried this? It's being touted as a second/third gen version of PRP, but there's no actual peer reviewed research on it with hair loss that I can find. Just the claims of random beauty clinics' websites.

It has been shown to have possible effects with dental healing and scar reduction, but I wonder if the increased inflammation that's helpful in these scenarios would be a double edged sword for more delicate situations like miniaturized hair follicles.

And without any research, I'm just reading opinions of clinics trying to sell me the procedure, which I have found to be notoriously unreliable.

Especially would love to hear experiences of people who've tried both PRP and PRF and other details such as site of injection, how many treatments total, your Norwood before/after, the machine used for preparation etc.

I think this post will not get a lot of responses as the biologic is so new, but for anyone that comments, thank you in advance.


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I haven't tried that, but I would like to learn more about it too. Do you have any experience, guys? I would like to check out some stuff from also, but I need your tips and support here. Thanks a lot in advance for any input :)
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