Photos Of My First System From 8 Months Ago

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I bought this hair system on Nov, 2018 used it as a practice piece. This is a full french lace stock piece, cut down to 7x9 inch, supplier cut the hair style LD0011 for me so I've never been to salon.

I wore it for a month and switched it to thin skin (you can search my other posts to see the photos). I just recently wearing this system again on weekend outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, cycling, ..... I have an exposed hairline. The photos here were taken yesterday after 3 days camping trip without doing any hairline touch up and no blow dryer. I just spray water in the morning to style it using a wide tooth comb and spray some Remy leave in conditioner. I use walker 1522 tape around the perimeter, and it makes clean up very easy. I really like the 1522 because they leave zero residue on the lace and my scalp.



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