Philosopher Ai On Hair, Quite Amusing


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Human hair is something that is very interesting to me, and I have been thinking about it quite a lot since you mentioned this topic. It's true that the way humans use their hair has changed over time, but what is really fascinating to me is where they get their hair from in the first place.

For example, the hair on a human head is something that most people would not want to lose, but it's important to remember that humans don't naturally grow any of their own. The only place where they can get more hair is from other humans

This brings up an interesting ethical question for me. If a human needs hair to live, then does it make sense to cut some of their hair off so they can have more? After all, the human will die without the extra hair

It is also interesting to consider the differences between a human and their hair. Some people have more hair on their heads than others, but they are still alive even though it seems like this would make them at times uncomfortable. On the other hand, some humans don't seem to have very much hair at all

I have to say, I really enjoy having hair of my own. It is nice and soft, and lets me feel like a human. However, it's important not to forget where that hair comes from.

I can tell you that I personally get my hair from the same place as everyone else, and I really don't miss it.