Oral minoxidil a no-brainer for long-term topical user with no side effects?


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I've used topical Minoxidil on-off for 17 years. Probably ~13 years cumulatively.

I don't get side effects, even if I use Minoxidil after microneedling (and I bleed).

Minoxidil works on my "temporal point". I have regrown a lot, protruding towards my eyebrows. However, I cannot get results near my crown.

Given I get results on my "temporal points" I presume my body does produce the required enzyme for Minoxidil to work?

Could the reason I'm not getting results on the crown could be the delivery mechanism/if I use oral, I might circumvent this issue and possibly get growth on the crown?

And failing this, oral minoxidil is going to be better than topical anyway?
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