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Opinion On Possible Transplant Options

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants Information - General Discussions' started by neko, Mar 3, 2018.

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    Male, 38 old. Noticed thinning around 26 year old. At around 29 years I tried propecia, but I stopped after 6 months because of side effects on my private parts even with extremely low dose. I have been using minoxidil at least since 28 if not earlier. I have been using Nizoral for most of the time, there was break for a couple of years because I couldn't find it for some time.

    Until 2 years ago, the crown balding was barely noticeable with no effort (I had longer hair until few months ago). The front was usually covered by the natural wave of the hair. For some reason, the loss on the crown became more noticeable in the last year and especially after my new hairstyle (if I don't carefully comb my hair and fix them in place with spray). One of the reasons I was avoiding shorter hairstyles was because they were making the hair loss more noticeable.

    One of the doctors if consulted diagnosed the following:
    "I noticed that you have straight brown hair with medium fine thickness. You have medium skin tone. Currently, you are at Norwood 3/4 hair loss pattern with balding from the frontal to the crown area. I believe that you are a candidate for hair transplant because of your hair loss pattern and hair quality."
    "I estimated approximately 1,500-2,000 hair grafts to cover the frontal and 1,000-1,500 hair grafts to cover some crown area creating a natural hairline, reinforcing the surrounding area."

    I am looking at about $10,500-13,500 for 2,500-3,500 grafts via stip and $19,000-22,000 for 2,500-3,000 via FUE (the doctor only promises that he can do 2500, 3000 will be a maybe until he tries). He was gently pushing towards the strip.

    The above doctor seems to have good reviews and although he was trying to sell me into selecting him, it didn't feel weird (some healthy confidence is needed/normal).

    I have also seen a doctor that does robotic transplant which I didn't feel that he cared much about me. And it seems that a technician will be doing the transplant and not the doctor. I don't remember the exact pricing, but it was around the same ballpark (around $20,000 for what he recommended).

    Another think, robotic doctor told me that I will have to trim all of my hair very short, the strip/FUE doctor told me that only the donor area needs to be trimmed. This way I can go back to work and the surgery areas will be easy to cover.

    BTW, I am in the SF Bay area, feel free to send me a private message with a doctor that you recommend for consideration (unless is against the rules, so please disregard this).

    1. What do you think would be a good solution for my case?
    2. Do you agree with the doctor's assessment (hairs need, balding pattern)?
    3. For how long should I expect to have my results last? 10, 20 years? Will it worth the money?
    4. At first I was like: strip no way, but in a few sample pics that the doctor posted, the scar doesn't seem very noticeable (however, it was only 2-3 patients/cases). I am also very skeptical on cutting myself for vain reasons. What do you think?
    5. If I do either the FUE or strip, what's the worst case scenario? What I should be careful of medically?
    6. The crown bothers me the most, so I am thinking of doing just the crown using FUE (it also helps with coming up with the money) and perhaps do the front sometime later. Comments?
    7. Is a week enough to recover before going back to work?
    Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Every day pics (combing hair to cover loss):
    cback1.jpg cback2.jpg ctop1.jpg cfront1.jpg
    Hair loss pics:
    back1.jpg top1.jpg top2.jpg top3.jpg topfront1.jpg topfront2.jpg front1.jpg front2.jpg
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