On the verge of booking with Bicer in Turkey


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Hi all!

39 this year and I’ve noticed hair loss to some degree for probably 10 years but more noticeable in the last couple. The remarks from mates arent very helpful either which has given me a kick up the arse to explore a procedure more.

Its also useful that some people I know have had procedures in Turkey aswell but from what they have paid I assume they are the “mills”.

When I started looking I wanted to try and get the best job I could but it also be affordable. This is where I came across Bicer and I have read about her in forums as being very very good and reasonably priced.

From speaking to her assistant I need 3800-4000 grafts and a potential 2nd visit but not guaranteed as yet.

I know you read people’s reviews etc but what I am after are some “new” or more upto date feedback in her.

Cheers guys