Odd blood tests after 8 months on finasteride


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Finasteride doesn't reduce dht, it inhibits 5α-reductase, which is responsible for converting testosterone to dht. Targeting the scalp is pointless.
Why would it be pointless when the issue is at the hair follicles? Many people have success with topical treatments including antiandrogenic stuff...


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Quick update:
Adding dutasteride once a week starting tomorrow. Will be tapering off finasteride and fully switching to dutasteride from now on given that finasteride has not maintained for me. Ive read some people getting results on dutasteride after failing with finasteride so im hoping to be that case.
Lost a ton of hair these few days, weirdly also shedding 40-50 hairs from the sides of my head. Roughly 30 hairs in the shower from the top of my head). Could be telogen effluvium but the strands dont have bulbs on them. Sleeping and eating pretty bad currently given online school. Gunna give dutasteride a shot.
I dont know whats going on with RU or if its causing the back and sides of my head to shed. If anyone experienced an RU shed please chime in. Gunna ride RU out till month 3 but im a bit worried that adding dutasteride could cause of shed which would make me think RU is not doing anything. Maybe might ride out RU till I get to month 6 on dutasteride. Currently around 2-3 weeks into RU with no good news yet. But user named Credo seems to have had a significant shed while on RU in the first month before seeing improvement.
Hoping some good news from the hairloss research community comes soon because treatment isnt going very well. I will be changing my sleeping and eating schedule. Gonna get back into the gym once I start avodart. Maybe Ill get on a grind and forget about hairloss. And by then maybe some maintenance or regrowth will come about rather than checking on it everyday. The mounting stress and lifestyle is whats probably thinning my hair out. 2 meals a day at odd times with a bunch of snacks staying in my room all day after COVID regulations makes me feel like a NEET. I want to get to my former self which will probably not only help with hair health but stress in general. Will probably keep staying off the site like ive been doing. Sometimes I check the research section but I dont think anything new is coming for a few months. Though keeping my eye on SM updates on follicle thought.
In terms of hair cosmetic appearance disregarding the shed, thinning midscalp and a little bit on the tiny V at the middle of my hairline. Its too short to see any difference in the pictures for sure but I feel as though I'm still losing ground. I will probably do a more comprehensive picture comparison at my 3 month mark of RU.
Also switching RU KB instead because scalp irritation with ethanol/pg since im also using minoxidil, my scalp acts up.
Other than that good luck all. See you when SM or KY or cookie man's results release.
If someone can tell me about switching to dutasteride or about RU shedding, it would be much appreciated.