Nw2 Receiding Hairline, Minoxidil Worth It??


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Hi guys, i'm 22 and about 2 years ago i noticed that my hairline started to receide. I don't think it will go worse than that tho, because this is the typical family hairline we have, but it doesn't look that cool at 22.
I've saw on youtube people that have had successfull growth in the frontal area, so i was thinoing of getting minoxidil.
Also, I would use it for beard and to thicken my eyebrows a bit, so it could make me look better overall.
My questions are:
1) I've heard that foam gives less side effects, bit there are different brands, which should i choose? Rogaine? Lipogain? Kirkland?
2) I've heard that eventually you will lose it again because of dht receptors, do you know if there is some oil/cream that coukd prevent that, or at least slow down the process after the regain? I don't fell like getting drugs like Finasteride that would lower dht overall.
3) I use Nizoral as my shampoo, is that good or i can do something better?
4) Should i use a glove for the foam or is it good using my bare fingers?



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Minoxidil can help with the front however the front, especially the temples, are a bit harder to combat with just Minoxidil.

I have used various brands, including the foam. My favorite has been Lipogaine, however it is more expensive, as it also contains beneficial hair loss ingredients in addition to Minoxidil. The foam would be my second choice. I would also dermaroll twice a month in your case if you are not going to use Finasteride.


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can u advise on what roller to buy and how do u do it? go over hair? pull hair and then go over free spots? how often?
For me the best one will be from 0.5 mm to 1 mm.
Roll it gently up and down, side to side and diagonal to diagonal on the scalp. Remember to be gentle, it should never give blood, which means you are applying too much pressure. Maintain a consistent direction and do not roll it slant or inclined directions.