Norwood 7, Too Far Gone For A Transplant To Work?

Are you a Lost cause when a Norwood 7?

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Me Vs DiffuseThinning

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I feel so sorry for this guy : (

This is a note to those who say they won't care about hair when they get older.

Who Farted

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Honestly man, it’s just a waste of money at this point. You will never get results that are the cost, of you get results at all. Early on, (first day the Norwood 7 came about), you might have been able to save something, but after all of this time the chances of that are slim to none...and that’s best case.

Consider a hair system instead. It will be far cheaper and effective. It’s also better for your health; the type of regimen you would need for any chance here would turn your body’s hormonal balance into a dumpster fire and all but guarantee you will get a handful of terrible sides either because of the drugs themselves, the combination of said drugs, or both.