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Non Single Grafts In Hairline, Is This Normal?

Discussion in 'Hair Transplant FUT Before and After Photos' started by BBReal, Jul 1, 2018.

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    I got an FUT procedure done in January to correct my hairline, I went with a TOP recommended doctor, one of the most reputable. I am 5.5 months out and I am a little worried because a lot of the grafts on my hairline are not single and I am thinking it might make the appearance look pluggy. Does anyone else have experience with that? I have a lot of triple and doubles in the very front, is this normal. I read an article that said ONLY single grafts should be used for the front of the hairline. Any input would be greatly appreciated

    Also another question I have is that I had very early growth and the grafts are now almost 2 inches long, but I dont see many smaller hairs, should more new growth appear after this or just graft maturation?


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