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Newbie Looking For Advice- Just Starting To Lose It At 35

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants Information - General Discussions' started by Tomhgriff1, Aug 25, 2018.

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    Aug 25, 2018
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    Hi all,.

    I am 35 and over the last year have noticed i have started to lose my hair a bit. The hair is mostly thick everywhere including the crown however the temples are starting to go. The problem is, it is a family trait to always have a high hairline/generally large forehead, even as child, so even with zero hair loss my forehead has looked big so dreading receding.
    On the plus side all the males on my paternal side have good hair, grandfather, uncles etc all kept hair into their 70's+. Men on my maternal side not so good, but the ones that went bald all lost it in their early twenties so am not following their genetic path (for what that's worth).

    So i had considered a hair transplant even before noticing it thinning because of the high hairline, but now not sure. I know i will definitely have one at some point but I don't know if its better to get on top of the situation early and have a small procedure now or wait years

    Obviously i'm a bit worried if i go the route of having one now and hair loss continues ive used up a load of grafts so i should wait.

    But life is short, do i really need to spend 5+ years waiting around to see if my hair loss continues and have a big expensive operation then?

    I am at the early stages (hopefully just a maturing of the hair line and wont progress) but what are my next steps. I don't want to do propecia, the thought of playing around with hormones and the possible side effects does not appeal. Maybe Minoxidil?


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