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New Member! Has Any Of The Women Tried The Topical Dutaserid?

Discussion in 'Women's Hair Loss Treatments' started by Wonderolga, Aug 24, 2017.

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    Hello, my name is Olga and I'm the new member. I am 29 and for more then 10 years I have sluggish Androgenetic Alopecia.

    A year ago I started using minoxidil (5% Rogaine foam for women). The first months hair loss has stopped, but then began a protracted synchronization, which lasts more than 8 months until now.

    This prompted me to look for new drugs. The pharmacist prescribed me two drugs: 1 it's minoxidil and 2 it's minoxidil with 0.1% dutasteride 2 times a week. This surprised me, because I know that women are not recommended to use dutasteride (oral), also i know that using of dutasteride by pregnant women causes fetal lesions. To which the pharmacist told me that many women successfully use dutsteride topically and that unlike oral tablets, topical dutasteride has no side effects.

    Has anyone try this drug from women? And is there some study of using topical dutasteride by women?

    p.s. Has anyone tried mystic RU58841- topical androgen without side effects?

    Thank you :)
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