need help..........Im new here


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Just wanna say was up to everyone on the board and have some ???

i just started today the 5% mino

My hair is thinning on the frontal hairline and the sides of my head?

Is anybody else have thinning hair on the sides?

If so.....Does the treatment(mino,pres,etc) work well on the sides too?

thanks any info whould help.....


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minoxidil and propecia are used on male pattern baldness, currently all studies show that males with alot of dihydrotestosterone on the top of their scalp tend to have male pattern baldness, which means if you are losing hair on your sides you probably dont have male pattern baldness and need to consult a dermatologist on medications you can use


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If you really wanna keep yout hair, propecia/proscar (finasteride) is what you need. For regrowth, minoxidil is the best.

Fina/minoxidil/nizoral = a good regimen for fighting male pattern baldness :hairy: