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Need Any Kind Of Help/advice Please!

Discussion in 'Hair Transplant & Doctors | USA & North America' started by Harold Richard, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Harold Richard

    Jul 27, 2019
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    I am wanting too get a hair transplant done but need help on where to go. Going somewhere in the US is just not logical for me as I will have to have a good number of grafts and it will be to expensive. I looked into dr. Acar in turkey as he does a 2 day mega session and I was ready to go with him but my family did not like the idea of me going to turkey alone so that led me to more searching and I found Dr. Georgina Curiel Fernandez out of DHI Mexico as she does the 2 day mega session as well in my price range. I know with Dr. Acar the procedure would be done with technicians and that they have a lot of procedures in one day but Dr. fernandez only does 1 procedure a day and she does all of the work but I cannot seem to find any reviews on her transplants as I could with people that did mega sessions with Dr. Acar. Does anyone know anything about this Dr. or can anyone give me any turkey really unsafe? or even if it is safe is it to risky to go to Dr. Acar when his technicians would be doing the work? Any kind of help is appreciated!!

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