My Nutrafol Experience At 8 Months, Disappointed!


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I've been taking Nutrafol for almost 8 months, 4 capsules with food every single day, consistently.

To my extreme disappointment there's been no noticeable difference in my hair growth or my hair density/thickness. I also experienced no noticeable side benefits related to weight, energy level, better sleep, skin, or nails.

As for the Nutrafol clinical study, it was carried out by the Ablon Clinic, the same outfit who did a study for Viviscal. There seems to have been no peer review study I'm aware of that would support their findings. The credibility and legitimacy of the study seems questionable.

For the same cost I can get clinical PRP (platlet rich plasma) treatments instead, the results of which are more widely documented/proven.

Nutrafol has done an amazing job of Marketing/PR and I really wanted to love it, but at the end of the day it amounts to nothing more than an expensive designer pill that wasn't effective for me.


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Hi Jonnie,
Nutrafol seems to be a hit or miss for everyone. I have not experienced any benefit (i'm willing to add "yet") and of course its been only 2.5 months for me. Just waiting for the hair mineral analysis which I'm sure will point out that my water isn't good enough or I may have been using the wrong shampoo o_O
The only pill that has ever had the slightest effect is Over The Counter Biotin. That too didn't do much for my scalp hair, it improved my brows and eyelashes and nails.