My Alopecia Areata Story And Treatment Success


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Hi Guys,

I hope everyone treating Alopecia Areata are doing just fine.

I have a story to share with you guys and I hope it makes sense and proves helpful to others.

I am a long time Alopecia Areata sufferer and I noticed my first bald spot on my beard in 2009 and it just continued since then. I have had literally very few black hair on my beard and mostly patchy unlike before.

I recently developed a big bald patch on my head (crown area) which got me worried (photo attached).

I started to read a lot about it and started diagnosing myself. To cut short, I'll just share what I have done so far.

Diet Changes:
  • No Gluten / Grains ( Corn, wheat, millet etc)
  • No Yeast
  • No Sugar, No Stevia (artificial sweeteners)
  • No Dairy, No Soy
  • Olive Oil only
  • No Eggs ( I don't eat eggs, may be try to avoid for time being if you are to follow this diet)
  • Avoid - Nuts like peanuts,cashews . (you may use almonds, walnuts and pistachios - if you are not allergic)
  • No vegetables like - Tomato, pumpkin, chilly , capsicum, corn, eggplant(brinjal).
  • No white rice
  • No vinegar [ Apple Cider Vinegar you may to clean your gut]
  • Vitamin D 10,000 IU [ consume with breakfast]
  • Vitamin E 1000 IU [ morning ]
  • Fish oil 8000mg(4000mg in morning and 4000mg at night)
  • Hair, Nail and Skin supplement [with lunch]
  • Biotin 1000 IU [Afternoon with smoothie]
  • Milk Thistle 35000 (1 a day) in morning
What do I eat ?

I am a vegetarian by choice and I have stopped eating meat since 2009. I had to alter my diet to ensure that I diagnose the culprit out of my diet.

Before breakfast: Pour a spoon full of Apple cider vinegar (with mother label) into a cup with luke warm water and drink that on empty stomach.

My breakfast is mostly : Almond Milk / Coconut milk - unsweetened with Banana and berries like - Strawberry , raspberry and blueberry and Chia seeds blended in a smoothie.

Lunch options can vary : Cooked Lentils with brown rice (little quantity), salads with beans, kidney bean soup, cooked mixed veggies (saute in a pan). Spices you can use to cook include : Cumin seeds, turmeric (half a tea spoon), salt , ginger and garlic. Baked Sweet potato with Chickpea salad.

Dinner: Steamed vegetables, cooked lentils with brown rice , salads , soups (real vegetables).

Drinks: Green tea 2-3 times a day. You may have a black tea 1-2 cups a day

One important thing to have: I usually have a smoothie a day full of nutrients. I blend half a cucumber, watermelon slice , spinach, beetroot leaves and half a tea spoon of turmeric and some mint with half a glass of water. I have it in the afternoon with sweet potato for some boost before I go to gym.

Topical solution: I apply alternately - Garlic and onion juice, coconut + Vitamin E (capsule) oil topically, olive oil + vitamin E + Vitamin D mixed together.

Results and obeservations:

I started this diet on 5th of December 2017. I have re-growth not only on my bald patches but my beard.

I had patchy beard, it has started to fill itself. Beard has now got lot of thicker black hair as well as on my bald spots. My hair on body has started to double the volume.

My hair fall has stopped! I used to shed 15-25 hair every time after shower. I don't anymore.
My eyebrows had spots that are now filling slowly.

I have done a allergy test and waiting on the results. I will update you guys shortly with my observations and results.

I hope this makes sense and please feel free to share your findings.

Please note: I am not a practitioner or a dietitian. I do not endorse or advertise any products. Please do your own research and diagnosis before starting any treatment. I take no responsibility if you have any allergic reactions to things I have mentioned. This story is my findings in last 30 days. Long time affects/benefits have not been documented .


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Update: Photo taken on 3rd January 2018
Hair growth can be seen in the bald spots. Some of the hair have gone black and some are still too small to be seen by a phone camera.

My beard is filling with black hair as well, which previously had soft whitish hair.

My test results showed I have allergy to Almonds, pomegranate, cranberries and blue berries.
I also have had deficiency in Vitamin A D E and Magnesium which I have started supplementing.


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Hi FourtySeven - do you have a follow up please? I have AA and looking at dietary changes. Are you still on the diet and how is the AA? Thanks!