MinoxidilMax crystalizing on scalp (maybe?)


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I have a bad history with minoxidil, tried different formulations (liquid and foam) and brands, and the end result always was intense redness of scalp, that persisted for many weeks after i stopped the treatment.

That is until I tried MinoxidilMax Dualgen-5 NO PG (5% minoxidil and azelaic acid) - this one, to my surprise, is very well tolerated.

However, it always leaves some dry stuff in my scalp. I just googled about it, it seems to be crystallization, meaning it's not being absorbed. Which could explain why I tolerate it so well.

I email MinoxidilMax about this and they said the problem is that I am using "too much product" - which is weird since I am using 0.75ml doses instead of the suggested 1ml.
However Im wondering how true could it be?

Do you guys have any experience with MinoxidilMax crystalizing? Or have any other suggestions?



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Good post! I'm interested in the responses you get.

Ive never had this issue as I use foam, so wouldn't know, but I have seen people mentioning they apply their minoxidil when their hair is wet to increase the absorption. I really don't know if this could help but worth a try..?


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It seems like regardless of the type of minoxidil you are using your always going to get some crystallization on the scalp. Even with minoxidil foam I could see crystallization on my scalp using a dermascope. People talk all the time about getting white flakes from using Kirkland liquid. Maybe that’s crystallization or they just don’t realize they are developing dandruff.