Low density hair transplant (Month 13). Help me make the right decision!


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I posted this in another forum on this site, and was told to put it here as well:

I got a hair transplant 13 months ago and got my temples done, and I'm not happy with the results. The clinic have offered to add some more density for free, but im not sure if I wanna go through the whole process again.

I think they overharvested my donor area, and I don't want them to make it look even worse. Im only 30 so I want to save some for the future if needed. Im also afraid for permanent shock loss that will affect my native hair.

The whole process was not so fun, not being able to go out without a hat for the whole summer.

The thing is that I've talked to a SMP clinic that said that they could fix this very easy with SMP, and I will do anything to avoid going through the hair transplant process again. Do you think SMP would be a good option? With Toppik it looked dense and full.
The whole situation is killing my mental health for real. I've heard guys with dark hair and pale skin more often have this problems, and that SMP would be a good solution to make it look denser.

All three pictures was taken recently.



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You have to decide for yourself what you want more, the real presence of hair or the visual concealment of the defect.