Losing graft (bleeding) 14 days after FUE??


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Hello - I had 2000 grafts done 14-15 days ago, which I believe was a rather successful and smooth process. Unfortunately today I noticed bleeding, which from what I read, means that for sure a graft has been lost. My Doctor previously told me that grafts are vulnerable in the first 5-7 days, and that just to be safe we can wait until day 10 after which he told me I can wash my hair as normal, which I did since day 10. From day 10-14 no issues either. But today I lost a graft - I did not know what was possible at day 14-15???

What do I do know? Can I still treat my hair as normal (washing/hats/hair products/haircuts)? Do I just wash off that bleeding part or should I do something to disinfect it or what else should I do? Does this mean I just lose that 2-3 hairs or does this mean something worse?

Thanks for your help!


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