Lord Hair: Rant, Color Fade Warning, & Stickonhair


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I really loathe Lord - they're a big name w/ no quality.

Have you seen their YouTube commercials btw? Their "transformations" are a joke. The people almost invariably look better before. After they're fitted w/ a piece, the stylist often styles their hair in a manner which eposes their RIDICULOUS hairline. I mean, it looks so fake these guys might as well just be wearing ordinary Halloween wigs.

Regarding their hair coloring technique: I don't know what they use but as soon as that hair is exposed to alcohol it leaks like nobody's business.

Their units are overpriced for what they are (junk) & have a tendency to tangle unlike anything I've seen before.

BTW, does anyone know in what capacity StickOnHair is affiliated w/ them? He clearly is - I just want to know what he gets for what he does for them.