Likely Nothing But Must Bring It Up


My Regimen
Hello everyone.

Recently I started Biotin, MSM, and oral castor oil.

Now I know those won't really do much for hairloss but may help the hair Seem thicker cosmetically.

My current regimen is Biotin, MSM, oral castor oil l, and most recently 24 milligrams of astaxanthin daily

Interestingly enough astaxanthin is thought to be a mild DHT blocker.

I took it for joint issues. But it turns out it has been making me have sore nipples and watery semen. ... So I guess it truly is inhibiting my DHT somewhat....

At any rate I started that (astaxanthin) over a month ago as well as the ither crap I mentioned.

Now for what it is worth, I would like to know what Norwood I seem like from photo to photo.

(One photo looks like my hairline has a bald spot... .. it does.. nephew plus playing with super glue equals disaster)

Here are my photos

The first and second are photos of my hair from the front and from the side focused on my left temple.

My last photo is me a month and a few days ago, about when I started all the supplements and astaxanthin.

I am wondering what Norwood I seem like (for what it is worth, in my last photo of the album, is around when I was noticing a little bit of thinning on the left temple. .. a month later now, when I pull my hairline back, the scalp in that thinning spot is less visible under the same light.... so maybe the supplements are slightly helping)

I'm wondering how bad my recession is in each photo?

I feel like I am an nw2 plus. A few others said less but I feel my left temple, at least a month ago was bad....)

Can I have some input guys?

Thank you