Lace vs poly. How different are they?


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I currently wear a lace system with a poly perimeter around the back and sides. I have been struggling with the system quite a bit with seepage and then also even self maintenance at the front and losing hairs when changing tapes.
I am tempted by the poly based systems for my next one just because they seem significantly easier to work with.
Do people have experience with both? How do they feel? I have a oily scalp would poly be horrible to wear compared to lace as there’s not breathability? (I’m thinking maintenance would be significantly easier and I’d be more likely to do full redos myself). Do they shed or last as long as lace and also how good are the hairlines? Up close how much difference is there between the bases thickness of 0.03, 0.06, 0.08. Is 0.08 really thick and obvious?

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I wore a poly one time and hated it anytime that I got hot or was in the gym sweating to cause severe itching. I've always worn a full lace base and have never had that problem because it Breeze very easily.