Just did FUE with Dr Mark Tam (London)


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just completed my FUE hair transplant with Dr Tam on the 12/01/21, 2,300 grafts on frontal area. Was an amazing experience from start to finish with Dr Tam, I have been suffering from mild hairloss since 2013 which initially only affected frontal right temple. But since 2019 it seemed to accelerate and also affect the left side.

NW2 scale. I have been closely following many hairloss forums for numerous years and finally decided to take the plunge (especially since we are in lockdown).

Did tons of research over the years but it was always based on the Turkish hair clinics. Decided to go to one of the clinics in Turkey and even put a deposit down, booked flights.

Then lockdown happened again and all outbound flights were cancelled. This was a blessing in disguise as by then I properly researched all the Turkish clinics and realised it was mostly done by the technicians and results vary greatly. A lot seemed to have very pluggy hairlines and even the few clinics where you can pay for the actual doctor to perform the surgery, I wasn’t overly impressed with the results.

Not wanting to waste time I decided to look into the Uk clinics and rounded it down to two clinics. Made contact with both and felt a lot more comfortable with Dr Tam. I found that he was extremely honest with me from start to finish and very prompt with his replies and information etc. It did cost me almost more than double had I gone Turkey plus I lost my deposit at the Turkish clinic since it’s non- refundable. But I’d rather get the job done right vs saving some Money and regretting it for years to come- then having to spend more trying to fix it.


As for day of procedure, everything went really well. Got there at 8am, Dr Tam goes through the hairline design (this was already discussed in emails and an initial consultation in person at his clinic) where he went into great lengths to explain everything (never felt rushed). Think I was there for over 2 hours just discussing hair.

Again, I felt he was honest about expectations and what cannot be achieved etc I also did another local consultation with one clinic which i won’t name, but was shocked at their online reviews and their hard sales approach in person (despite being cheaper).

So back to day of surgery, an hour was spent on design/ then pictures. Followed by partial shave of back and sides, then injections to numb site (this is probably the only uncomfortable part. Just stings a little and you get about 20 jabs).

By the time we finished it was almost lunch, and then Dr Tam did the incisions at frontal site. This is a vital part since placements of grafts will be greatly affected by the incisions.

After lunch is when the placements began which was done by 2 members of his team- the entire team seemed very competent and were friendly throughout.

All in all the procedure took all day- as once the technicians finished, Dr Tam then spent a further hour going over every small bit of my recipient site. So his attention to detail is second to none.

I got a black cab home as you have to be extremely careful not to bang your head getting in and out of a car. From my own research and experience, I know Dr Tam’s aftercare is excellent. I feel very confident I’m in safe hands should anything go wrong whereas had I done this overseas, I’d be on a flight home right now with no follow up care.

Would highly recommend Dr Tam and his team for anyone considering a hair transplant, other than being a highly experienced doctor he came across as very likeable and personable.


I forgot to mention that bandages came off following day and I was amazed at how normal looking the donor area is. Just slight redness at some spots and tiny sensitive to touch if you press on it, but very impressed as other clinics make you look like someone butchered your scalp.

No swelling in forehead either. Very impressed with the team!

The only thing for me to do now is wait 6-12 months for the results to come through fingers crossed and I would be posting a further update

Also, I’d like to add that initially I wanted some of my top done but Dr Tam didn’t think it needed it PLUS he would never do both in one session as you would compromise the results.

if you look at the Turkish clinics, they do offer both but the reality is, they’ll fill 80% of the front and do abit on the top to make you happy but you’re going to lose density on the front.

so even in Turkey, you would need two procedures.

good luck


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you need to know manyclinics they dont want give you good density at the begining evenif you have good donor area , cus they wanna ear more money withyou and you can back to them after 1 year .


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Hi, 5 month update, it’s exactly 5 months to the day since procedure


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