I've Never Seen Shaved Head FUE Scar Pics


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IronLionZion said:
Interesting. Great advice from someone who has done it.

"Horrifically visible" you say .... haha just what I was scared of.

I get where you are coming from. I'd love to keep my hair grown medium/log like you suggest. However, I'm a realist and I'm not prone to sugar coating things. The reality is that one day - 5 or 10 or 15 years from now - I may be completely bald. At this stage my hair is going to continue to recede and I will need more FUE in the future.Eventually, it seems likely that I wont have enough donor hairs to come close to covering my baldness. Thus, my only real choice will be a shaved bald head (I feel.)

From what you have told me I guess this isn't really possible. If I take the plunge on an FUE I am giving up the prospect of ever being able to go shaved head bald.

Not what I wanted to hear .... but thanks.

Yeah, basically us large area diffuse thinners are fucked when it comes to hair transplant's. There's no way to get decent coverage all around. And after hair transplant you'd be forced to grow your hair so no shaving close. :dunno:

Hairyer Jet

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Wonder what that pic would look like if the hair was grown long? Would people know you had a transplant? If anyone has had a large FUE with big punches and grown their hair please post a pic. I'm around Norwood 4/5, mid 40's thinking about FUE and BHT, virgin scalp. I'm trying to avoid Strip, but I think I may be forced to go that route to get the most amount of grafts. It is claimed Strip yields more grafts than FUE generally speaking. However FUE seems to be slowly advancing.


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Seriously, just go for a FUE.

Those pics do not represent a normal good FUE at all.