ISHRS & ABHRS Doctor with many yrs in the industry VS. Doctor on neither but with more recent reviews

How do I proceed from here?

  • Dr Ekrem Civas (ABHRS & ISHRS member but less recent reviews available)

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  • Dr Gökhan Gür (FueCapilar - more recent reviews available but not a member of either board)

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Hi All,
Can I please get some suggestions or opinions on my situation?

( Too long didn't read = Do I cancel my booking with an ISHRS & ABHRS Doctor, to go with a Doctor who is on neither but has more reviews? )

I was interested in booking with Dr Ekrem Civas due to his many years experience in the hair transplant industry, and his inclusion in ABHRS and ISHRS.
Every where I look, people say "do your research, look for doctors who are part of ABHRS and ISHRS".
So I did and booked with Civas.
He isn't as widely reviewed as others mentioned in other groups and forums. Perhaps its because he only takes 1 patient per day. He also doesn't do anything above 3000-32000 grafts to ensure good graft survival which was a big tick for me.
(I'd rather do 2-3 surgeries over a few years to ensure all graft survival, than try and squash it all into one, and risk loosing my precious grafts!)

FueCapilar seems to be widely praised in the other groups such as conquerors, and the constant stream of positive feedback makes question my above booking.

Dr Turan of FueCapilar initially rejected me citing poor donor (fair enough), but after some un-expected new growth in the past 2 months, I re-contacted them to see if I could be re-considered.
His team have ignored my Whatsapp and email.

Dr Gür from FueCapilar I contacted direct, and he has accepted me with my newer photos showing the new growth.

Do we think FueCapilar / Dr Gur are as great as they seem?
Why do people praise them on the one hand, but then on the other hand tell you to only go for Doctors who are part of ABHRS / ISHRS?

I am a high Norwood and I will need at least 2 procedures to get full coverage, if my donor allows.
I cannot afford to go somewhere like Eugenix so I am looking at affordable Turkey clinics.
I may never get full coverage and I am okay with that - I just don't want to waste my hard-earned money on sub-par work by choosing a not-so-good Doctor.

I just don't know if I should cancel my booking with an ISHRS & ABHRS Doctor, to go with a Doctor who is on neither but has more reviews?