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Is There An Oral/topical Minoxidil Equivalence? What Is Your Dosis Of Oral Minoxidil?

Discussion in 'Men's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by JohnnyB., Feb 14, 2020.


What is your dosis or oral minoxidil?

  1. Around 1mg

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  2. Around 2mg

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  3. Around 5 mg

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  4. More than 5 mg

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  1. JohnnyB.

    Mar 7, 2019
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    I have started taking finasteride due to my diffuse thinning in November 2019 - I can't really tell if it works already but I feel like my hair situation is a bit better now;

    Anyway, what I definitely realized is that my body hair drastically decreased - I used to have hair all over my hand but now there is much less and much thinner hair left - of course I do not care about this very much but unfortunately also my beard did lose thickness and density;

    For this reason I started oral minoxidil - I didn't want to use it topical as it is unconvenient, I've heard less effective and also, I'd like to have both, my scalp and my beard affected by it so oral seems like a good solution;

    Now I was curious about the right dosis; The recommended topical amount is 1ml of 5% minoxidil every 12 hours which breaks down to 50mg minoxidil every 12 hours;
    I started now with 2 drops of minoxidil every 12 hours, which should be roughly 2mg (because 1 ml of 5% minoxidil have been around 44 drops)

    Now I wanted to ask you guys:

    1. What is your dosis of oral minoxidil?
    2. Did you observe that more is better? E.g. by doubling the amount that it also gives much better results? (For topical minoxidil there are studies that applying it more than twice or more than 1ml does not give better results so I would be curious if the same can be said about oral minoxidil)
    3. Did you observe some equivalence when switching from topical to oral? Something like: I switched to oral minoxidil with x mg and it was the same effect as when applying the minoxidil topically

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