Is There A Better Forum To Discuss New Research And Studies


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Since when balding has turned sexy?!?

He's saying 'M' lines are sexy, but that's just...a mature hairline; or something started.

And if you don't have a 'M' but just patches or some weird diffusal that really goes up your crown, you're fucked....


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The problem is that once the future new treatments du jour start to fail and not materialise when they were supposed to and we continue in this "3-5 years away" loop forever people get fed up and/or in denial and discussion quality goes out of the window.

But this forum and the comment section of HC2020 are still the best places to discuss future treatments and studies. Other places are pretty much dead.

The real problem is not with the forums, it is the lack any of real progress in the field. For the past 20 years nothing, and I mean nothing discussed in those forums regarding new treatments materialised (with the exception perhaps of dutasteride and derma rolling). But everything related to HM/HC, the main driver of these forums, were always a letdown.

The subreddit tressless is a good place to see some discussions regarding derma rolling too.
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