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Thats what I said, it only delays the inevitable, but its not a cure... the time you win with the med depends on your condition. Thats all.

I'm not sure I agree with that. Blocking DHT is basically the cure for baldness in a great amount of guys. There are other factors at play as well (blood circulation, nutrients, specific genetic conditions, your own nutrition, health, fitness, stress, scalp skin diseases, etc) but not matter how many alternative theories show up, DHT is still by far the most proven one. DHT kills your follicles if they are genetically conditioned for it.

That's why baldness in women is almost non existent compared to men.

The 10-15 years bit I mentioned comes from the fact that Finasteride 1mg has only been around for 23 years. We don't really know how it works for the 30-40 year range.

Anyway, as we grow older, our baldness diminishes.

The problem, of course, comes from the fact that taking a DHT blocker for 40 years may not be the best idea. But I strongly believe that if Finas hasn't given you sides on the first years, it's extremly unlikely that it will give you sides anytime.
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Since when balding has turned sexy?!?

He's saying 'M' lines are sexy, but that's just...a mature hairline; or something started.

And if you don't have a 'M' but just patches or some weird diffusal that really goes up your crown, you're fucked....