Is it too late for Propecia/Finasteride?


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Hello. My name is Justin, I am 29 years old going on 30. I am a bit insecure about losing my hair, because my maternal grandfather was bald and I am already the spitting image of him, I don't want to look like him even further with a bald head. And my brother and dad aren't bald, otherwise I'd accept it more.

I am wondering, is it too late for me to try Propecia/Finasteride? It's my hairline that's disappearing. And my crown is SLOWLY disappearing, there's a slight spot developing in the back, not more than what you see at the top of my head. I've been on DHT Blockers for 5 days, of course that's too early for any noticable effects. I was just wondering if it's too late for me to even go on Finasteride, because my front hairline is almost gone? I was hoping to at least maintain this hair, if it's too late to grow any of it back. I can't afford a hair transplant anytime soon.


This hair restoring treatment is all new to me, so I'm not sure where to start other than finasteride. I heard bad things about and Keeps kind of Finasteride, so I'm waiting to see if my physician can prescribe Finasteride to me if that's even an effective treatment at this point. I have an appointment on March 1st with a local hair loss clinic, but I can't imagine my front area to be holding on much longer, not even a few months as so much of my hair falls out in the shower and when I rub my fingers through it.

I'm also under a ton of stress at work, so I think my hair is falling out faster than normal. I can't quit my job, so there's no escaping that stress. But the combination of hair lost from stress while I've still got Male Patterned Baldness happening, will hair loss from stress even grow back?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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No I don’t think it’s too late for finasteride. It’s the prefect time. go for it


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No, it's actually the perfect time.

Finasteride can grow back quite an amount of hair in just a year at your stage, Go for it.


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Never too late and use the BIG3 with a derma roller you could even regain hair.....