Interview & Presentation | E. Wang - Jak Inhibitors Show Efficacy In Treatment Of Alopecia Areata


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June 24-26 2016, Tbilisi State University
Tbilisi, Georgia


Dr. Eddy Wang is very cool guy. I enjoyed talking with him. He know works with Dr. Angela Christiano. That means that he knows JAK inhibitors better than anyone else.
We recorded interview on the 2nd day of the conference but on the next day he came to me and asked not to post recording. I still got permission from him to post short summery of our talk.


- He didn’t know who was Dr. Neal Walker (CEO of Aclaris)

- JAK inhibitors are inhibiting pathway that is involve in immune response. Androgenetic Alopecia doesn’t involve immune response as overall.

- He said that in animal studies JAK inhibitors promoted hair growth (I think he meant shaved mice). It only works if you have hair follicles.

- I asked what does it mean not to have a hair follicle. He answered that in the case of scarring alopecia your hair follicles are gone. And if you have “complete” Androgenetic Alopecia your hair follicles are completely gone by miniaturization. But he said that he doesn’t know much details on this.

- I told him that Dr. Neal Walker said that Androgenetic Alopecia is somehow related to immune response. He answered that there is micro inflammation going on in Androgenetic Alopecia and probably Dr. Walker was referring to that. Dr. Wang said that, maybe, JAKs for Androgenetic Alopecia can inhibit that small amount of inflammation and that can somehow help hair growth.

- The JAK inhibitors they used for human patients was oral.

- They have only tested topical JAKs on mice.

- I asked him why they didn’t test JAKs on Androgenetic Alopecia person. He answered that their lab is focusing on immune disorders but maybe they will do that in future (not the best argument but I’m sure he was sincere :) )

- for now they have no plans for Androgenetic Alopecia trials.

- they want to expand trials for tofacitinib on AA

- They still know very little about JAKs

- I think he said that the oral tablets they used in trials was bought in pharmacy (I'm not sure)

- I think he said that the cream they made for mice was very easy to create. (I'm not sure)

- He didn’t know anything about Samumed, Follica, Allergan and Histogen

- He said that his boss is CSO of Replicel. He finds Replicel as the most promising treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia

- He rated JAKs success chance for Androgenetic Alopecia 5 out of 10




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Then what the hell did he really know, lol. Hes 50/50 on JAK, didnt know a lick about sammumed or any other possible treatment, and said there are no plans for use on Androgenetic Alopecia...?
Aclaris said they will test for that...
Im confused. Are you sure you didnt interview a janitor by mistake.
Jk ;)


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His boss works for replicel and he thinks thats our most promising treatment hahah. No bias there


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One more thing. Since the alcaris announcment that they would try it for Androgenetic Alopecia, doesn't it seem that replicel follica and histogen have been more vocal and letting us know that they're still around?