In desperate need of help/answers! 34Y/O


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I’m am a 34Y/O with zero family history of male pattern baldness, and I have always had a lot of hair.

Over the last 3 weeks, I have been shedding hair like crazy. It started mid October. If I simply run my hand through my hair , I’m guaranteed to have 5-6 hairs on my hand every time. In the shower they come out even more. I went to a dermatologist on Friday (11/3). She said it wasn’t male pattern baldness, and gave me mometasone furoate to use twice a day.
I’m gonna attach two pictures one from Sept 19th, and one from today. The difference is insane. The dermatologist told me that the amount I’m shedding is not in-line with typical male pattern baldness and may be from a vitamin deficiency. My dad has a full head of hair at 64, and my mothers dad had a full head of hair when he died at 70. I’m starting to get worried something is wrong, and may even go to ER tomorrow for blood work as I don’t have insurance.

My hair IS NOT wet in that photo. My hair is so thin, I have hairs all over my bed shower, sink, cell phone. Any help would be appreciated


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