I'm Not Sure If This Is Success But Check The Pictures Out


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I had been using Kirkland minoxidil for about 2/3 of a year but I wasn't getting the results I wanted so I thought I'd switch to Rogaine. I made the switch 3 months ago and I've been seeing results. I've regrown some hair but the new hairs are thin and won't grow any longer than half an inch. Check the pictures, the hairs that are in the circle are new but they won't grow longer nor thicker.


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So I have been on both Minoxidil and finasteride for about a year. About 4 months in I noticed the little hairs around my hairline. Im not sure if they were always there and got darker or what but I planned on keeping track of them. Now an additional 8 months later what has happened is, some of those little hairs are normal looking hairs that grow, a lot of them have not changed at all, and some of them are in between. At first glance its like a few normal hairs are in front of my hairline which almost makes my hair look thinner because it sorta highlights where my hairline was. But the fact that there are a number of in between hairs makes me think i'll have to just stick it out. I actually dont expect them all to come back also my hairline other than receding looks fine and dense enough. But whatever is happening is a slow process. Take pictures and wait.