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I Went To See A Smp Clinic In Vancouver Bc Best Price In Canada!

Discussion in 'Hair Transplant & Doctors | USA & North America' started by jdmengine, Feb 8, 2018.

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    so i had a consult with kelvin from CheapHairLossTattoo.ca he said hes going to pigment the whole top of my head, crown, and create a hairline along with blending into the sides for $1400. divided into 3 sessions. session 1 $700 session 2 $500 and session 3 $200 he said that most of his clients finish within 2 sessions so if thats the case with mine i would save even more money. i met him downtown on granville street where he had another appointment session to do as he provides it as a mobile service.... i saw his client and the results were amazing i couldn't tell where was hair and where was pigmentation..... he explained he uses single needles in the first session then second sessiion he uses single needle for the hairline and front 1.5 inches then the rest of the scalp he dense up using a triple cluster tiny follicle needles. and for the third session if needed he blends and puts on the final touches. anyways thats all i can say for now. and im hoping more of his customers are on here to give there review and longer term update etc.... kelvin from burnaby smp said he uses a organic pigment that lasts 5-8 years typically before needing a session touch up. and that the pigment was developed to be absorbed and broken down in a very slow process by your natural immuine system..... he said other companys in vancouver are using dynamic ink black tattoo ink which is a cheaper ink etc....... anyways any thought or help towards my decision wuld be greatly apreciated.... im also looking into 3d smp and kelvin from burnbay smp said hes in the works of chatting with neopel hair clinic and gardel hair in tijuana to see if they can offer patients great care and greate combined smp priuce along with 3d smp FUE.
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