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I Had Alopecia When I Was 5 Years Old ( Excuse My English)

Discussion in 'Alopecia General Discussions' started by simo123456, Jun 30, 2017.

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    Jun 30, 2017
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    Hi to everyone, hi to the respectable doctors .

    First of all , Excusem me for my english as I am arabic and most of medical words I dont know it .

    here is my story :

    When I was a child (5 years old), I had alopecia for my whole body. Where I lost all my body hair (full)
    And treated with drugs and cortisone .. Thank God returned my head hair.
    But there is no hair in the rest of my body.

    Hands and legs no hair.
    Light beard. I shave but the hair is light and far apart ( not look nice)
    Mustache is also light and I am shaving. ( not look nice)

    The eyebrows. Light hair can hardly see .. where I put eyeliner to draw my eyebrows. if i dont put eyeliner I can't leave the home , I have no eyebrows.

    I am a 42 year old - and I want to grow eyebrows and mustaches.( HAIR TRANSPLANTS ) surgery.

    I had asked a doctor and did not advise me where he said:
    The new hair may not remain.
    It is possible that the dormant cells of the alopecia will start to reappear and re-attack your hair.
    My question is who has the same experience? What are your tips? please help me do i have to do the surgery ?

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