How to tell if a clinic is legit(imate)


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I've been looking into Dr Eo hair transplant clinic in Mexico City. Their Google reviews page seems solid, the webpage is professional, the surgeon himself is ABHRS-certified, but so far I haven't been able to find anyone who has posted on a forum saying 'Here was my experience with this clinic'? So, I guess I have two questions. One, does this particular clinic seem legitimate? Second, and more broadly, how does one tell if a clinic is legitimate?

As a newcomer I can't post links, but you can go to capilclinic [dot] mx/equipo-medico/ or dreoclinic [dot] com/to see this particular one. The Google reviews page might also be useful (and is the only one that seems to have English): g [dot] page/clinicadreo?share

Jack Ito

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If it sounds to good to be true it likely is. Also that link you posted is nothing but hieroglyphics mate.