How often do all of you take Dutasteride?


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I'm a guy in my late 20s—I've had 2 FUT transplants (2017, 2018). Over a year ago, my hair transplant Doctor upgraded me from Finasteride to Dutasteride to maintain my pre-existing hair. He told me to take one (0.5mg) Dutasteride every 3 days. Until now, I thought that this was the norm, but now I'm reading about people taking it once per day.

How often are you guys taking it? Do you think that the "once every 3 days" routine I've had for over a year has actually helped me out at all? Is the optimal routine meant to be once per day?

I'd ask my doctor, but he seems impossible to get a hold of. Just looking for some insight from you all in the meantime.


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I take it every other day.


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