Help with possible regime changes - oral and topical min, alternating dose finasteride


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I’m currently on topical min and 1mg finasteride 3 days per week.

imgetting married in 6 months and would love to boost some density. I bought oral min and considered adding that (maybe low dose)

can I take oral min with topical min?

also, I’m considering increasing finasteride. I have no sides at all so figured why not. Could I alternate dose? Like 1mg mon, .5mg tue, 1mg wed, .5 thur, 1mg Friday, .5mg Saturday no dose sun? That would put me at about .75 on average I just don’t wanna have to break these apart so much to move to .75mg


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I take oral and topical min every day . Dema stamp once a week at 2.0 and finasteride every day .