Help With My Hair Loss Telogen Effluvium?


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Hey guys i am new I’m this forum I am 22 about to turn 23 pretty soon . I have a quick question I started noticing that I am loosing some hair I never really payed attetion to my hair until one day I run my fingers and saw 5-6 hairs on my hand that’s when I realize it . I don’t loose hair like crazy I loose about 5-20 hairs a day mostly when I shower I have very fine hair so you can easily see my scalp when it’s wet . but I did notice that my scalp is very oily and producing a lot of sebum why ? Because I have oily
Forehead and face I have always been on the oily side but I notice an increase of it.
I do remember something that could of trigger my hair loss last year nov (2016) I was in a car crash and I got really stress, depression anxiety and that last for about 1 month a half and months later around March-August I got really stress again due to some family
Problems .
When I notice my hair loss was on may and Until now dec i am still loosing hair but it’s all over my top head but I also notice the oily scalp and some itchyness .
Could the stress/anxiety/depression cause inflammation on my scalp or maybe threw my whole hormones out of place?
My scalp is thin all over though
And all the hairs that I loose have a white bulb at end some have like this white ball around is it due to the sebum?
I loose hairs that are shorter in length 1.5 inches my hair is at 2 inches and some are thinner and some are same thickness as my regular hairs.

I know some question may sound stupid but any help with help . Thank you


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Yeah looking at your photo might be helpful. I used to shed 15-20 hair until I changed my diet. I hardly shed 2-4 hair now. I would also do a blood test to check your vitamin A,D ,E etc levels. You may also be allergic to something. Try altering your diet and stop stressing about it.