Help! New to this, found patch overnight!



This is so insane for me. I am a 31 year old female professional in NYC, with a thick full head of hair my whole life. 3 days ago, out of the blue, I came in from the gym, showered and went to part my hair down the center and noticed a patch of hair missing. its about 1 1/2" going across my scalp and about 1/2" thick. I definately would have noticed this before, which makes me fell like it happened almost overnight. went to dermo, says its alopecia areata, it should be fine, no worries, it will grow back. I have a topical cream and will get the injections, (the dermo is family friend said it would make hair growth faster) but I am a basket case wondering if the patch will get bigger or spread or what. Now I am so crazy thinking my hair is thinning and looking for other spots but all is thick and healthy. Any feed back as far as this being a one time deal or is it usually reoccuring? I am so depressed and am crying constantly. what should I expect. The internet always shows the worst which makes me crazy so I want some advice from someone who experienced this, please help!


how's it going?

hi just read your post and wanted to know if you have seen any improvement now we're in June??

I'm 30 and found a patch in April and its still growing! So going through ups and downs all the time. I just have a topical lotion and told it was stress. I have made changes in my diet cutting out sugar. Started yoga and also about to try Aloe Vera gel and essential oils!


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i believe my patch is growing as well..

i have one the size of a quarter on my chin.. my dermatologist gave me some hyrdrocortisone val creme.. and i dont think its doing anything. I also think its getting bigger..

i need help... im am so sick of people asking me whats wrong..

im going insane from it