Help For Oral Minoxidil Purchase In Europe ?


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Does anyone know how and where to get oral minoxidil in Europe(Loniten,Lonitab...) in 2.5 or 5 mg doses?
I heard about thailandpharmacy or alldaychemist but I don't have experience with them,are they legit,I mean payment and shipping would be complicated considering it's India and Thailand ...
Local pharmacies (Serbia) don't have branded drug nor do they have experience with compounding them ...
Any help would be appreciated !


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They are both legit. If they ship in your country you can go with them without any worries. You can also use
Alternatively, you can drink 0.1ml of the topical solution (for a 5mg dose)


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alldaychemist is legit but expensive, same with inhouse redgate mentioned.


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Buy a dropper with 1 ml measure, take 1 ml of liquid 5%(or 2%) minoxidil and then see how many drops are in the 1 ml, 1 ml of 5% is 50 mg of minoxidil, so if you have 20 drops in 1 ml its mean that 50mg of minoxidil/20= 2,5 mg < 1 drop is 2,5 mg of minoxidil, but thats stands only for 20 drops for 1 ml, every dropper is diffrent so buy and check, if you want smaller amount then do math for 2%.