Hairlosstalk Is A Shill For Finasteride


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Yea biology speculation of a cure on a forum ain’t going to get anywhere. Probably already been thought of.


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NW2 is not male pattern baldness IMHO.

No treatments can prevent it. It will happen if you're on finasteride or not and most men are NW2s.

The hair just goes back a little. Very normal.


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OK Mario, why are you here exactly?
Also what does Bezos being the richest have to do with him being bald? If anything he has even less of a reason to take supplements.

Disagree. You're the one bitching. I'm simply informing.


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You have the choice between the plague (baldness) and cholera (finasteride).

I personally associate hair loss baldness with pure ugliness and the sign of miserable genes.

Don't give me Jason statham! This ugly bird plays like all the eggheads in bad B movies in Hollywood. Most of the time, however, bald heads in Hollywood are villains, lunatics or pedophiles. A reflection of society.

If baldness is so natural, why is it so extremely rare in men under 50?

Baldness for me stands for the decay and finiteness of the body and being, so I would not have a problem with 60 or 70 years to suffer from baldness. But my gentlemen not in their 20s, 30s, 40s. They are the best years of life.

My circle of friends and acquaintances is very large. I have exactly 2 bald men in my environment. All other men have full hair. Look around you how few men in their best years suffer from hair loss. It is an absolute minority.

I had the choice of wiping the plague (bald head) or cholera (finasteride).

I chose cholera.

The consequences:

My hair status has stabilized, but I am far from having full hair.

Hairdressing my hair still takes 1 hour a day.

The price I have to pay for it:

Libido is much worse than before
Ejaculation quantity has been massively reduced 80-90%
The desire for women has noticeably decreased.

These are just the typical Finasteride side effects. It's not surprising:

The strongest male hormone is artificially reduced by 70-90%. If you think DHT is a useless hormone, you're out of your mind.

Finasteride remains an illusion, just as a hairpiece is an illusion. Why? Once finasteride is discontinued, all your hair will fall out. At an incredible rate.

It’s sounds like your mental health is beginning to suffer, because that’s some dark depressed hogwash you’re spouting old bean lol
You’re absolutely right, ultimately your hair will fall out, and when it does, you’ll be impotent, too.
Your insecurities won’t allow you to believe there are woman out there who don’t care about hair, especially at your age. What they won’t tolerate is a limp noodle.
You had a good go with the finasteride but those sides are telling you it’s game over.

Mark my works N003, one day you’re going to wish you had the plague, because the plague has a big old stiffy! Then you’re going to realise you don’t have the plague at all...because you’ve got some juicy Pussy on the end of that stiffy.

Anyway dude, you live in South Korea? Asian woman don’t care what you look’re white!